About Us

When Pastor Randall Jackson led his first mission team to Choteau from Nashville, TN in 2005 to help with sanctuary remodeling and Vacation Bible School, he had no idea that one day God would call him to move his family to Montana and pastor this same church.  Randall, Becky (wife) and Alena (daughter) moved to Choteau in June 2017 while Bailey (son) remained in Nashville to attend Belmont University. 

Both are natives of MS (Randall-Sturgis, Becky-McComb). Randall is a graduate of Miss. State University (B.S. Ag Economics), New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.) and Reformed Theological Seminary (D.Min.).  Becky is a former Christian music recording artist with Word Records (Becca Jackson).  Since 1990, Randall has pastored in MS, LA and TN.  The Jacksons enjoy their home and horses near Choteau and return to their cabin on the old family cattle ranch in MS whenever possible. 
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Choteau Baptist is blessed by selfless and capable leaders who work together to bring people to Jesus Christ and help them become his disciples. Our task is to equip the church members to do the work of ministry that God calls us each to do. Some of our staff and lay leaders are:
Theresa Oksness
Kristi Sons

Jessie King
Jason & Hannah Lytle

Danny Sons
Bob Lee
Lyle Hodgskiss
Louie King

Who We Are and What We Do

Our identity and purpose come from God's word. According to scripture, after Jesus ascended to Heaven he sent his Spirit to live in the heart of every believer taking our bodies as his "temple" and calling us each to come together in unity as his collective "body", the church.  The cooperation, accountability and inspiration that being a part of a local church offers enables us to better fulfill God's great commandment to love him with all our heart and others as ourselves...and to fulfill the great commission to make disciples of all peoples. 

The disciple-making process can be summarized in 4 moves which God invites every person to experience by grace through faith. Move one is a prerequisite to all other moves, while moves 2-4 may happen throughout one's life as a part of their sanctification.
1. From DEATH to LIFE                           (Made spiritually alive through professing faith in Jesus Christ as savior)
2. From MILK to MEAT                            (Maturing in knowledge and wisdom as a disciple of Jesus Christ)
3. From SELF to SERVE                           (Ministering to others with humility and selflessness)
4. From RELATE to RELATIONSHIP        (Knowing God and others through relationship rather than religion)

In the context of a spiritual family with grace, truth, accountability and unity, our church is called to help individuals biblically navigate this eternal experience.  This is done through the public preaching and teaching of God's word, group Bible studies, mentoring, ministry training and various organic and programmed initiatives. 

What We Believe

Our specific beliefs and practice come from what we believe to be responsible interpretation of the Bible.  Scripture instructs us with precepts and principles.  The more Biblically important an issue is, the more we seek to be united in the detailed belief.  The less important an issue is, the more varied the beliefs of our members may be.  As a body, we agree with the statement of faith adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention in 2000: 


What it Means to be Southern Baptist Affiliated

We are among approximately 44,000 congregations who voluntarily partner together for local, regional and worldwide missions and ministries.  Each church is fully autonomous making its own decisions, securing its own staff and owning its own assets.  SBC churches typically share basic doctrinal beliefs, but may vary on secondary beliefs as well as methods and practice for ministries. 

Southern Baptists originated and manage the Cooperative Program where each church gives financially (whatever amount they choose) to provide the most efficient missions and ministry funding ever implemented in the Christian church.  This impact is realized through many avenues including world-wide church planting, International Missions, North American Missions, State/Regional Missions, 6 theological seminaries in the U.S., world renowned Disaster Relief, Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission, LifeWay Christian Resources, Guidestone Financial Resources and many others. 

Montana is home to approximately 135 SBC churches with new churches started regularly across the state.  The Montana Southern Baptist Convention (based in Billings) is a regional partnership of SBC churches providing comprehensive support for ministry in Montana and helping connect MT SBC churches with our national and global initiatives. 

Montana SBC